Writen By nomadicadam | August 16, 2017

Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

bangkok's airplane graveyard

In the North of Bangkok, lies one of the city’s coolest and unknown attracts – the Airplane Graveyard. For the bargain price of just 200 THB, you can explore this adult playground for as long as you want.

BangkokThailand’s very own sin city, known for its raunchy nightlife, mouth-watering street food, and now, deserted aeroplanes graveyards.

This underrated and overlooked attraction isn’t the first thing that springs to mind in the City of Angels, and that’s because it’s relatively unknown about to most tourists.

But for those willing to make the short journey away from Sukhumvit Road – or Khao San – it’s well worth an afternoon exploring.

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What’s the Story Behind Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard?

There seems to be some information flying about that a local businessman owns the land and has flogged all the scraps from the planes and is simply sitting on its value. This would make sense, and he/she probably takes a cut of the 3 Thai families that have made it their home in the meantime and charge you to enter the premises.

The main attraction is the remains of the gigantic Boeing 747 where you can climb into the cockpit and take awesome pictures. Like this one on my Instagram, here:

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How to get to Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

The Airplane Graveyard is located on Bangkok’s notoriously busy Ramkhamhaeng Road, in the North of Bangkok. Ask the taxi driver to take you to Soi Ramkhamhaeng 62 and you’ll see it on your left-hand side. Any problems, simply revert to the map below on your phone.

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A taxi from Sukhumvit should cost around 100-150 THB and probably similar from Khao San Road if they’re using the meter.

Make sure to visit in the afternoon, as the traffic is HORRENDOUS on this road during the mornings and rush hour evening.

How much does it cost?

It seems to vary from person to person. Thais probably go cheaper and Falang (foreigners) obviously get charged a premium. I paid 200 THB, but I’ve heard others paying 400-800 THB to carry camera equipment around inside as well. Sometimes the kid who lets you in will try to offer tours as well; ignore him once you’ve paid your dues and simply go off to explore. He’ll stop hassling you eventually.


Definitely, a worthwhile morning/afternoon in Bangkok when you’re recovering from your hangover. It’s not as saturated as other tourist activities in Bangkok, so you’ll have space to roam around and build up your Instagram followers at will.

Have you been to Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below – especially how much you had to pay to get in!

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