Writen By nomadicadam | July 4, 2017

Why You Should Become a Minimalist

Become a Minimalist

Materialism and relentless consumerism are destroying the soul of humans around the world. Here’s why becoming a minimalist is the answer to improving your life and overall happiness.

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Writen By nomadicadam | May 31, 2016

Having a Base as a Digital Nomad

best place to work for digital nomads

Today I want to talk about what I truly believe is a crucial aspect about successfully living as a digital nomad, and that is the concept of having a ‘base’, also known as a second home to many. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | November 9, 2015

Why I Became a Digital Nomad

Why I became a Digital Nomad

A few minutes ago I was sat in a restaurant in Tirana, Albania, enjoying an early lunch that was delivered by a polite and attentive waiter. He was a young guy, probably in his early 20’s, and as far as I could see he was good at his job – or at least I thought so. Continue reading