Writen By nomadicadam | November 8, 2017

My Mini Autumn Europe Trip 2017: Reflecting

Europe Trip 2017

I just got back from a mini-break partying, sightseeing, and gorging on meat across some of Europe’s most exciting capital cities (and the Irish countryside). Here’s how the vibes went down and why I won’t be returning anytime soon. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | November 5, 2017

The Problem with Europe

Problem with Europe

Europe: the continent of majestic architecture, glorious history, and mouthwatering cuisine. The problem? It’s just not fun anymore. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | October 18, 2017

Budapest City Guide for Digital Nomads

Budapest for digital nomads

Located smack-bang in the centre of Europe, Budapest is renowned in Europe for its electric nightlife, stunning architecture, and excellent cost of living. But is it just a weekend break, or is Budapest really worth relocating to? Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | August 20, 2017

Koh Lipe Travel Guide

Koh Lipe Travel Guide

Tucked right at the South of Thailand on the border of Malaysia, is what’s known as “The Maldives of Asia”, Koh Lipe. By far the most beautiful island in Thailand, here is my comprehensive Koh Lipe Travel Guide. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | August 16, 2017

Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

bangkok's airplane graveyard

In the North of Bangkok, lies one of the city’s coolest and unknown attracts – the Airplane Graveyard. For the bargain price of just 200 THB, you can explore this adult playground for as long as you want. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | August 13, 2017

Best Underrated Places in Thailand You Must Visit

Best Underrated Placed in Thailand You Must Visit

Thailand. It’s a country that conjures up instant images of paradisiacal islands, turquoise blue waters and golden sands; rugged mountainous rainforest; and an enchanting culture that captures the heart quite like no other. The drawback? It’s changing, fast. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | August 8, 2017

How To Pack Your Bag For Travel

Digital Nomad Travel Pack

The first time I moved away in 2011, my suitcase weighed 32kg. Today, it’s between 7-10kg. Learn how to only take your essentials away with you and minimise waste for awesome travel experiences. Continue reading

Writen By nomadicadam | July 30, 2017

Hiking Mam Tor and The Great Ridge

Mam Tor Hike

Hiking the stunning geological wonders of the Peak District is one of the most underrated and quintessentially British things you can do. Here’s how to add culture into this fantastic hike. Continue reading