Health is your foundation upon which your life experiences and memories are built.

If you compromise it, you won’t build an epic life. There’s no longevity in diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Take it from someone who’s lived through the latter and dealt with several individuals in the former.

Most people fail to stay healthy and look physically good because they think they have to compromise their body’s in order to make money or travel. Both couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are my best posts addressing the topics that will resolve some your biggest misconceptions and challenges immediately:

How To Stay Fit & Eat Well While Travelling: A simple formula I’ve used over the years while living nomadically to stay in shape & healthy

The Great Blue Light Epidemic & How To Control It: Ever wondered how much your smartphone or wi-fi damages your health? Here’s how to mitigate the health hazards and sleep like a baby again.

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