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The Problem with Europe

Problem with Europe

Europe: the continent of majestic architecture, glorious history, and mouthwatering cuisine. The problem? It’s just not fun anymore.

I love Europe.

I vividly remember my first ever trip out of the UK as a kid with my father was a road trip that took in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, and Switzerland.

It may or may not have been this initial adventure that spurred my love for travel, but I recall with great fondness the beauty of the rugged Swiss Alps, the eloquence of the French language, and the minuscule nature of Luxembourg during those 10 days.

But what whets the appetite as a curious child often comes up short to hedonist adventure-seeking adult. And that’s the position I’ve found myself in today.

Diagnosing the European Disease

I look around Europe and I see rampant conformity from every conceivable angle.

Societal norms are so entrenched within the population that Europeans are essentially becoming one and all – their own cultures eroded and diluted, to make way for some dull form of pan-globalism where everybody acts, thinks, and behaves the same way in order to appease others.

The classic British humour is melting away to a feeble PG-friendly stand-up; the fiery Spaniards are little more than a dim flame; the rambunctious Italians have been swept by a tidal wave of pessimism.

It’s sad, but Europe is rapidly losing its charm to me and becoming such a dull, tedious continent that seems content to waver out without a fight.

I’m Cutting Back on Euro Trips

Unless it’s the Balkans region (which I still adore), I’m really bored to death of Western Europe at this point. It lacks the verve or energy to get me excited, and culturally, I’m struggling to learn and develop from visiting each country. There is just an arrogance and pretentiousness to so many parts of us that are so unattractive that I’ve decided to scale back future travel plans to this part of the

There is just an arrogance and pretentiousness to so many parts of us that are so unattractive that I’ve decided to scale back future travel plans to this part of the world unless it’s for special events like festivals or outdoorsy activities. But for general fun? No thanks, I’d rather hop on a plane to South East Asia or pop my South American cherry at this point.

It’s Not All Bad, However

Despite my quite vociferous opinions on Europe, it remains a great place to live, in my opinion.

Travel? Not really, apart from the historical sights. But you cannot deny the quality of living standards, despite the fact that the EU is a constant mess and the taxes are grotesque in most countries.

With that being said, I still love my home country and family will always bring you back in the end. Long-term, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up permanently back in my home city baring something turning my attention spectacularly, but for now, any hedonism I’ll be indulging in will be as far away from this part of the earth as possible.

I’m sorry, Europe, you just don’t do it for me anymore.

What about you guys? Do you still love travelling in Europe? If you come from outside the continent, do you think my criticism is too harsh? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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