I grew up an extroverted introvert. A shy, yet charismatic young man, I was too scared to get out there and mingle and mix with others, limiting my own potential.

By 21, I’d fallen into a deep depression. I’d quit university; I was spending 12 hours a day at the computer; all my friends had moved on; and worst of all, I was deeply missing my father who’d passed away 4 years earlier.

I was in a rut and felt completely lost.

But then, perhaps by the grace of God (or by taking control of my life), a wonderful opportunity came up to teach kindergarten in Hong Kong.

Despite being terrified of failure (I’d dropped out of university through homesickness after just 1 year being 100 miles away!), I leapt at the opportunity to start a new life 6,000 miles abroad in a culture completely alien to me.

Fast forward 7 years, and I’ve lived in 4 different countries, visited over 30, and completely transformed my self-confidence and life as a result of my boldness.

Turned out that terrifying opportunity became the greatest experience of my life.

Having friends from every corner of the globe has not only enriched my life, it also gave me an insatiable desire to travel.

I love travel because it challenges you to shift your perspective and enhances your awareness. It makes you reject conformity – forces you to develop into a more understanding, empathetic human.

Frankly speaking, I believe travel makes you a better person.

But travel is not without its dark side.

Unlike a lot of bloggers, I don’t paint a picture-perfect image of travel on my site. I discuss the hardships that come with a life of perpetual travel; the sacrifices you have to make; and the missed opportunities because of it.

But despite that, I truly believe the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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